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“It's simple. You tell me what you'd like to accomplish. Anything marketing related. And that's a lot! It could be about strategy, content creation, inspiration, branding ideas, or a good marketing conversation. If I can accomplish it in less than 5 hours of great marketing work, I do it. And pay me for it, whatever you want! ”

- Joey Tanny, FOUNDER
PWYW Marketing 

Working with Joey has been nothing but a pleasure - from his innate ability to put clients and team members at ease and pull together a motley group to his innovative and creative contributions to strategies and solutions." 

- A Senior Strategist who hired Joey


To sum it up

This isn't business as usual. You want to try something different. Something specific. Or you aren't sure what. I can help you build...

...your brand, your presence, your value...

...And when i Can create enough value for you, it will be worth it for me. And you of course.



Let's Work Together!

Let's go!

So what areas of marketing can I help you with?


That sounds great Joey, but can you actually do great marketing work?

You'd like a few ideas on improving your website.

Your content strategy doesn't exist. You don't know if you need one. Or maybe you would like an article written.

You wish more people received your newsletter. Maybe you wish you had one.

You are thinking about launching a startup, and would like to find weaknesses in your funnel. Speaking of which, what's your pricing model?

You spend too much time on social media without results and would like a better process. 

Your bounce rate is well below industry averages. Or you don't know what your industry average is. Or you don't know what your bounce rate is.

Need help with your presentation? Are you questioning the structure, content, messaging or design?

Your business plan hasn't been updated in 5 years. Or maybe you're working on it now for a potential investor.

You're running a small business, and want to think a bit more about your marketing mix.

You're running a big business and would like to hear a few out of the box ideas on a creative marketing campaign.

Perhaps you'd like some help on your personal branding.



Pay what you want
marketing Agency


It's simple really. Pay What you Want Marketing. we do the marketing, you do the pay what you want. 


The shortest answer? Yes.

A bit longer; I've delivered great work for dozens of clients (I'd say hundreds but then I would actually need to count them).

I've launched and managed projects for a few brands you might recognize. Air Canada. Just for Laughs. DHL. And plenty of others you might not recognize - but should. I've managed projects such as apps, websites, intranets, branding, community building, business development, research and much more, for the biggest brands, the smallest startups, marketing agencies, small businesses, and even for a somewhat famous comedian.

I've won some awards in the process. A Webby honoree. A Boomerang. Several Canadian Online Publishing Awards. I've won a JMCC presentation award.

And people tend to enjoy working with me. I think.

For a longer answer than that, get in touch with me. 




There's zero risk! Right?*

If my clients didn't love the results, I wouldn't get paid too well.

*Well, I guess that's a risk for me.

Remember these 3 simple rules...

1) The (insert marketing task here) should require less than 5 hours to acheive.

2) This offer applies to new customers only. Sorry. If you like me enough to work with me again, well, we'll probably work it out.

3) Taking jobs is at my discretion. I hope you understand.

At the end of the task, you will tell me how much you thought my work was worth and I will send you an invoice. 


Joey brings great ideas, exceptional people skills and serious marketing savvy to the table and devotes himself passionately to whatever project he's working on. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again" 

- Another Strategist who worked on many projects with Joey


You can see more of my work at Tanny & Joey 

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